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Could this be you? and Dance/Movement Therapy at Lesley University

This week's post highlights the work of my colleague, dance/movement therapist, Nancy Beardall.  I'm always excited about opportunities to showcase ways our work in the Expressive Therapies division can support acts of social justice. Today as women are marching all over the world in support of the Time's Up campaign against sexual harassment, Nancy's work on break-up violence seems particularly timely!

See the recent article about Lesley's day-long training for faculty and staff on addressing sexual violence on a cultural level.  But don't miss out on seeing Nancy's work on the project entitled "Could this be you?" Along with Lesley faculty Cariona Baker, Nancy has been working on a project to raise awareness regarding break-up violence for several years now.

I was particularly excited to see the movement choir work showcased on the Could this be you website.  Nancy's "Just Moves" work is inspiring and beautiful! 

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