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Teaching expressive arts therapy in India

Greetings from South India!In the late spring of 2014, I was approached by Magdalene Jeyarathnam about teaching expressive arts therapy and music therapy in Chennai, India.  JennieKristel, an alumnus of our Expressive Therapy program, had been teaching visual art, playback theater and expressive arts therapy and recommended the possibility of a collaboration with Lesley University.
The following spring during my sabbatical year, I came to Chennai to teach and I also participated in a two-day workshop in Bangalore (giving me a chance to meet my lovely friends whom I met during a joint adventure in Ghana.  Belinda Rego andChandlini Hartlalka were gracious hosts in Bangalore and made my first trip to India a pleasure!
This project began as an invitation to develop a possible collaboration between Lesley University’s Expressive Arts Therapy specialization and a post-graduate certificate offered through the Women’sChristian College (WCC) of Chennai and East-West Center for Counselling &am…

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